Community Development Block Grant Program Administration

One of the oldest services provided by SHACOG is administration of the Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for its member municipalities. CDBG program grant funding flows through Allegheny County, a major subcontractor with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Given the scope of the program, the County, in turn, contracts with SHACOG for management of the program for its member municipalities. Although the program is controlled by strict income guidelines, contingent upon the type of project being proposed, all municipalities are potential grant recipients. Eligible activities include street and sidewalk improvements, storm sewer repairs, sanitary sewer rehabilitation, recreation improvements, senior citizen accommodations, physical adjustments required by the Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA) and structure demolitions. Program management entails disseminating, receiving and reviewing project pre-applications, processing final applications for projects that are approved in the pre-application process, preparing and releasing the projects for competitive bid, formally accepting bids based on the recommendations of the respective participating municipalities, preparing and administering the construction contracts, processing mandated CDBG paperwork for all projects, and handling accounting and payments for all projects.

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