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<January 2020>
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Incorporated in 1973, the South Hills Area Council of Governments (SHACOG) is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation composed of member municipalities who voluntarily collaborate to pursue and address areas of mutual interest and concern. Within that framework, it undertakes projects and implements programs for the benefit of its members while taking advantage of the economy of scale afforded by its size. Currently, SHACOG serves
  • 22 municipal members
  • a population in excess of 312,000
  • a geographic service area of 223 square miles
  • 22 police departments
  • 434 uniformed police officers
  • 40 fire departments (mostly volunteer)
  • 1,300+ firefighters
The tangible benefits achieved through this association are in either the form of actual savings (like that which is realized through the SHACOG Purchasing Alliance), avoided administrative costs (as is done with the complex multi-municipal bid for Solid Waste Collection, Removal and Disposal), or the ability to do collectively what no one municipality can effectively accomplish individually (such as the development, training and staffing of the SHACOG Critical Incident Response Team).


2020 BID FOR TRUCKS AND ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: Bid tabulation is posted to the Purchasing Alliance website.

CDBG PROJECTS. BIDS DUE JANUARY 31, 2020, 11:00 AM. Plans available at the SHACOG office.
RE-BID: CD 45 7.5 Civic Center ADA Upgrades, Brentwood Borough - Estimate: $46,425 - Project consists of replacement of concrete sidewalk, floors, doors, light switches, signage, plumbing and restroom fixtures.
RE-BID: CD 45 7.5 Scott Park ADA Ramps and Sidewalk Improvements, Scott Township - Estimate: $38,390 - Project consists of installation of handicapped curb ramps and sidewalk replacement.
Click here to view the Invitation to Bid

SHACOG CIRT TEAM AWARDS CEREMONY was held on October 17, 2019 to honor those members of the CIRT team who responded to Tree of Life on October 27, 2018.

SHACOG JOINT POLICE TEST - August 8, 2020 - Participating police departments will be listed at a later date. Departments interested in participating, please contact the SHACOG office. - Click to review 2019 Application Form

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